About RoysFlying

Hi! I'm Roy Smith and I live in Western Australia. Over the years I have clocked up a few miles in flight. Air transport has changed a lot during that time. Although I was too young to remember anything, my first flight was on a piston‑engined Canadair C4 Argonaut, taking off from Tripoli in 1956. Since then I have flown a few different types, including the Bristol Britannia, Vickers Viscount, various Cessnas, Beech and Dash‑8s, Fokker 50s, the Dornier 328 and Saab 340s.

I enjoy the excitement of deciding where to travel, booking the flights, checking in at the airport and boarding the aircraft. It really is impressive to walk along the jetbridge up to the door of the Airbus A380 or a Boeing 777-300ER. Not all airlines are the same. Some pride themselves on being cheap and offer a service to match. Others charge a premium for a bit more comfort and in-flight amenities.

The oldest aircraft that I have flown in is a 1936-built Junkers Ju52/3m. But it hasn't all been in fixed‑wing aircraft. One exciting trip was a flight in a Bell 206 JetRanger, for a champagne breakfast on Cathedral Peak in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. Another flight involved following narrow gorges in the Bungle Bungle range in Western Australia's remote Kimberley. On that occasion we used a Robinson R44.

I began writing trip reports a few years ago and uploaded them to sites like Now I have my own dedicated web site where some of the more recent travels will be posted.